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Omega Pure Complete

Omega Pure Complete

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Marine Lipid Superfoods for Optimal Immune Health
Omega Pure Complete is more than the average omega-3 supplement. It is a revolutionary and immunologically active marine lipid superfood with wide-ranging health benefits. It combines sustainable and line-caught clean sources of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Cod Liver Oil into a bioactive superfood containing a full-spectrum of omega-3 fatty acids, naturally occurring vitamins A and D, and pro-resolving mediators (PRMs). 

An extensive body of clinical research demonstrates how supplementation with Omega Pure Complete may include these benefits: 

  •  Promotes a balanced immune response
  •  Supports healthy inflammatory markers
  •  Promotes healthy neurological function
  •  Supports optimal intestinal health
  •  Supports ocular health
  •  Promotes healthy tissues and skin
  •  Promotes healthy aging processes
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