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Liposomal C

Liposomal C

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Vitamin C plays numerous roles in our body but it primarily acts as an antioxidant, an electron donor that neutralizes free radicals and promotes healthy oxidative stress response. This, in turn, supports healthy cellular energy production which has a ripple effect on multiple systems within the body. 

The liposomal technology used to formulate Liposomal C gives it superior bioavailability and makes it easier than ever to obtain this critical antioxidant. In traditional forms of supplemental vitamin C, bioavailability is limited by how much the intestines and kidneys can absorb. Liposomal C goes straight into the bloodstream where it can quickly and effectively be absorbed. 

Additional benefits include: 

  •  Supporting healthy oxidative stress response
  •  Promoting healthy immune function
  •  Promoting healthy nervous system function
  •  Supporting collagen synthesis
  •  Promoting healthy cognitive function
  •  Supporting neuronal integrity
  •  Supporting healthy cortisol balance
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