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Bone Nutrients Extra Strength

Bone Nutrients Extra Strength

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Bone Nutrients Extra Strength is formulated with the optimal form of calcium for the body, from MCHC and dicalcium phosphate. Bones contain more calcium than any other organ in the human body (about 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in bones). The intercellular matrix of bone contains large amounts of calcium salts, the most important of which is calcium phosphate. 

The MCHC in Bone Nutrients Extra Strength has been studied rather extensively over the past three decades, with findings showing it can help support healthy calcium status and bone tissue health.

MCHC not only contains the optimal calcium for bones, but also bone growth factors and peptides, such as collagen. In turn, it suggested that MCHC helps support osteoblasts (cells that promote bone growth) and osteocytes (bone cells).

Clinical research suggests the benefits of Bone Nutrients Extra Strength supplementation may include:
  •  Supports bone health
  •  Supports healthy teeth
  •  Supports healthy calcium levels
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